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South Korean Navy Special Forces, Captain Jang Hak-soo and 7 members of the KLO (Korean Liasion Office) unit disguise themselves as a North Korean inspection unit …

Page 155 CHAPTER IX. Operation CHROMITE: The Forces. MacArthur planned his bold amphibious venture at Inch’on sustained only by hope, credit, and promises.

Lawrence Toppman August 10, 2016 6:37 PM ‘Operation Chromite:’ Old-fashioned thrills with a new Korean twist

Page 139 CHAPTER VIII. Operation CHROMITE: The Concept and the Plan . MacArthur had decided on an amphibious operation against the enemy even before …

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Operation Chromite — the September 1950 amphibious landings at Inchon — rehabilitated the U.S. military’s tarnished post-World War II image.

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OPERATION CHROMITE Exclusive Trailer with Liam NeesonOperation Chromite Trailer (2016) – Trailer for Operation Chromite, starring Liam Neeson, Jung-jae Lee and Beom-su Lee. A squad of soldiers fight in the Korean War’s crucial Battle of Incheon.

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