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Medical Definition For Septic

Septic Shock: How to Avoid this Medical Emergency … – Sepsis is a severe medical condition. If left untreated, it progresses to septic shock, a life-threatening illness. Learn all about it with this article.

What Is The Definition Of Septic Medical School Terminology DictionaryMedical Definition of Sepsis – MedicineNet – Read medical definition of Sepsis … Sepsis: The presence of bacteria (bacteremia), other infectious organisms, or toxins created by infectious organisms in the …

Septic | definition of septic by Medical dictionary – septic [sep´tik] pertaining to sepsis. sep·tic (sep’tik), Do not confuse this word with septal. Relating to or caused by sepsis. septic /sep·tic/ (sep´tik …

Septic Shock Definition Septic shock is a potentially lethal drop in blood pressure due to the presence of bacteria in the blood. Description Septic shock is a …

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